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THE BEACON from X18 – Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

September 18, 2015

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Friday, September 18th, 2015
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I’m changing my tune a bit regarding tunes on the course, but with some limitations.  I really can’t stand it when someone I don’t know has a speaker on during their golf round playing Coldplay or some other wrist-slit-inducing music I don’t want to hear. The one way to get me to wrap my 460cc driver around someone’s head is to play Margaritaville, for the billionth time.

But if I’m playing golf by myself or practicing on the range I’m totally cool with playing some tunes.  That’s when I use THE BEACON bluetooth speaker.  This this is a badass and it lasts forever.

THE BEACON From X18 Features

–Drop proof up to 1.2 meters (so be sure to measure the distance to the ground before you accidentally drop it)
–Water resistant
–Internal battery lasts up to 15 hours at FULL VOLUME. And a former rock and roll drummer like me needs full volume.
–Dual 400mm speakers
–Dual passive radiator for enhanced bass and superior sound quality
–Rated power 6W
–360 degree surround stereo sound
–Frequency Response: 90Hz-20kHz (90Hz isn’t terribly low, but you can’t change the laws of physics. More speaker area is needed to produce super low bass)
–Doubles as a boat bumper
–Top hook and carabiner allow unit to be hung from golf bag or in other suitable places for tunes

When not hanging from my golf bag or my boat as a boat bumper, THE BEACON from X18 sits by my Mac Mini and serves as my speaker for listening to tunes while blogging about golf and drones.  I take it into the garage to listen to music in there, or in the basement lab where I build my drones or work on my putting stroke.  I’ve even taken the unit to the beach and with a 15 hour battery life I had power to last longer than the sun was shining.

The sound quality of this unit is great.  I prefer to pump in an equalized signal though as the un EQ’d sound is a little off to me.  But once I have the tone tweaked THE BEACON is great.

Retail price on this great bluetooth speaker is a whopping $129, but I’ve seen THE BEACON as low as $65 on Amazon.


Enjoy the great sound and convenience of THE BEACON on and off the course.  Stay clear of me if you intend to pump Hootie and the Blowfish, Coldplay, or any of that other sappy yuppie music.

Heavy metal?  Come on over, and TURN IT UP.

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