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About X18

Extreme 18 is more than just #golfwithmusic, or a little sound with your round. It’s more than just speakers and accessories. Extreme 18 is attitude. A modern way to enjoy a traditional game.


Golf craves an infusion of frivolity. A hearty waft of fun. It no longer wants to be confined to birdies and bogeys, to just sand and seed.   


Of course we are selling speakers to golfers. But that’s not all we’re selling. We’re selling experiences and memories. We’re turning the obsession of golf into the obsession of fun.


People who embrace the brand will celebrate playing the game out loud; making the most out of the time they’ve set aside to play with friends, or to enjoy their solitary session on the links.

For some, Extreme will come into play. For others, not as much. No matter, all fans of Extreme 18 will continue to play the game we all love. Just with bigger smiles on their faces, no matter their score, the conditions, or whatever trophy they are hoping to hoist.